Shoulder Rehab Exercises

shoulder massageTough shoulder injuries can happen at any point. At the same time, they can also occur during activities like racket sports or rowing, even if you have  the best rowing machine around, without proper form you can cause injury. If you continuously perform the same repetitive motions, you can develop overuse injuries as well.

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If you have arthritis, you can experience severe shoulder pain and suffer an injury too. And, if you have an old injury that was not treated properly, you will have plenty of issues.

No matter where shoulder pain is coming from, there are many effective ways to treat it. Rehab exercises are just a small part of the bigger shoulder rehab program but they are a very good way to promote healing nonetheless.

Your local health center should have experts who know how to deal with these issues on a regular basis, providing non-surgical care and other methods to properly heal shoulder injuries. They should also be equally experienced in other issues as well.

The best thing is that physiotherapy treatments can be easily combined with other sports injury recovery strategies. That way, you can get the best results very quickly and efficiently.

The joints

The shoulders consist of several joints. All of them are surrounded by a lot of muscles and ligaments. They provide enough strength and support to make the joints functional.

The rotator cuff includes tendons and muscles that allow you to move your arm overhead. The other ligaments have different functions, but they are equally important. They allow full-range motion of both collarbone and shoulder blade.

Shoulder rehab exercises can drastically improve flexibility and strength of these particular muscles. That applies to both pain and shoulder injury.

Shoulder rehab exercises

The most important thing to keep in mind when we talk about shoulder rehab exercises is flexibility. That’s the primary focus of each and every modern shoulder rehab exercise. A therapist will always try to increase the patient’s range of motion with the help of shoulder rehab stretches.

There are two different kinds of stretches – static and dynamic stretches. Static stretches involve stretches that are completely pain-free. Patients need to hold these stretches for about 20-30 seconds and they need to repeat them at least three times.

Dynamic stretches also involve 100% pain-free stretches. However, unlike static stretches, the patients need to hold them between one and five seconds in total. They also need to repeat them at least 10 times in total. However, the ideal number of repetitions should be 15.

As soon as the patient has performed these stretches, the therapist will decide whether it’s time to start with strengthening exercises.

Physiotherapists can treat these exercises as a new phase in the overall rehab process. They can drastically improve the strength of all shoulder muscles at the same time.

Patients can use either dumbbells or a resistance band to perform these exercises. But, they can easily perform them even with no additional equipment whatsoever.

Other treatment parts

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Modern technologies have brought in many innovative treatments that were not possible before. These treatments are truly remarkable and they show great promise for the future as well.

At the moment, the most popular innovative therapies are platelet-rich injections and stem cell injections. Both of these treatments are very effective. They use your own cells to promote healing at the very core of the injury site.

We mustn’t forget regeneration either. Not only do these therapies enhance healing, but they regenerate the damaged tissues as well.

You don’t need to be in pain and you don’t need to suffer the side effects of shoulder injuries either.