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About VETERANS 360

Working off a four word philosophy of engagement, education, employment and healing we provide advocacy and focused support around those key issues.

We believe that a young veteran struggling with PTS is a lot less likely to kill themselves or struggle in general, if they are actively engaged (volunteerism, buddy system, mentor-ship), educated (about life in general and the impact that PTS will have), employed (in meaningful and long term careers with money in the bank) and healed (as in simply understanding how to cope with the impact that PTS will have on their lives).
By collaborating with like minded souls we can do some positive damage to what is proving to be epidemic levels of despondency among our high school, short term military service, combat veterans.


On the engage, educate, employ and heal components (if needed) - post 9/11 veterans, active duty personnel and spouses/partners. On the PTS front anyone impacted by PTS can use our forum to make their voices heard.

Services Provided

  • Counseling and Mentorship
  • Mindfulness and Pain Management