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  • Service Reachregional
  • Population Served
    • Active Duty
    • Children
    • Families of the Fallen
    • Men
    • Spouses
    • Veterans
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About Summit for Soldiers

1. Adven-therapy/Veteran’s Mountaineering Club (Encouragement): Weekly meetings, Monthly outings, bi-annual adventures/expeditions for veterans and their families.

2. Educational Materials/Speaking engagements (Simplicity): For our future military leaders and recruits, ROTC classes, etc. to provide them with the challenge and currently available tools to change the “mindset,” eliminate the stigma, and promote wary detection/treatment for PTSD and mTBI.

3. Community Outreach (Awareness): Community activities and events, social media, outings to the 50-state high points as a means to bring the community together and provide them with the knowledge and resources to help us serve those veterans who are beyond our reach.


We are inclusive of all of our military family. We understand the struggles and self-destructive nature of undiagnosed/untreated PTSD/TBI so we are here to serve all veterans (regardless of discharge status) service-members, family members and families of the fallen, especially families who have lost a veteran to suicide. (These families are often overlooked and excluded from other programs).

Services Provided

  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Therapeutic Retreats