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About Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary’s program is therapeutic in nature for the military member and the entire family (including children) making this program unique. It begins with a free, six day therapeutic retreat, utilizing recreation as a form of diversion therapy. Healthy Marriage and Financial classes are also taught. Past retreat successes have strengthened the founding principles that healing takes time and requires the family to be together in an environment in which they feel comfortable. All retreats are attended by Licensed Professional counselors, and all activities carry a therapeutic component.
Therapeutic activities are tailored to each individual’s physical and mental needs: horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and skiing are just some of the activities.

Direct outreach to the families by a Medical Social Worker or similar, is made for a full two year period following the retreat experience. Additionally, resources from Project Sanctuary may be provided to the families as they request or require it. This may include assisting with job placements, emergency funding for housing and counseling.


Any military family that could benefit from a therapeutic retreat. They must provide 3 references that can attest that they are safe to be around other families and small children.

Services Provided

  • Family Programs
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Therapeutic Retreats
  • Counseling and Mentorship