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About Angels of America’s Fallen

AOAFallen covers the cost of the children’s participation in healthy developmental activities including sports, music, art, and technology. Activities supported include adult coaches or instructors who can provide mentoring for the children as they pursue their interest. We empower the child to find their particular stress relief and passion.

Our simple guideline is for the activity to have an adult coach or instructor and be healthy or developmental in nature. The cost of registration, supplies, or equipment required for participation is provided. We make a commitment to cover this and stand by the child from the time of loss all the way up until the age of eighteen. Once the child has found their healing outlet, we don’t cut them off and tell them good luck in the future.


The only requirement is for the child to be a dependent of a fallen military member who dies while on active duty, or a first responder who dies while on duty.

Services Provided

  • Arts and Music
  • Individual and Team Sports