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About About Face

The AboutFace faith based community program provides spiritual enrichment, employment and education outreach programs, VA benefits assistance; wellness and financial training; and offer veteran family transition support and reintegration programs, as well as a jail diversion mentoring program. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate the pain and suffering our returning veterans and their families endure upon reintegration into civilian life.

The AboutFace program is destined to be a national community faith based program with centers located in every state. Working closely with existing community/faith-based veteran assistance programs and organizations providing complimentary services, we will provide the critical link needed by service men and women at the point of discharge from the armed service. Beginning with family programs that prepare families for the reality of PTS. Parallel training for the service member will prepare them for the transition back into society.


You must be a veteran or family member and provide a DD214.

Services Provided

  • Horticulture
  • Therapeutic Retreats
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Family Programs